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What is counselling and psychotherapy about?

You may be searching for a counsellor because you are struggling with an issue or want to make changes to your life, would like some help or support and to talk to someone who is impartial, not a close friend or family member. Counselling and psychotherapy offers a specific kind of relationship that can help you to change, grow and overcome problems and difficulties by providing an opportunity for you to make sense of your experiences and to develop a greater understanding of yourself.

As Individuals, we have a tendency to repeat patterns of behaviour and it is some of these patterns that cause us distress and even when we would like to change, we find it hard to do so by ourselves. These patterns of behaviour may be repeated in the therapy room and can then be explored with the counsellor. This can be upsetting and exhausting but it can help you to become more self-aware and may lead to acceptance of the issue and also lead to a change in behavioural patterns.

So….. now what happens?

Counselling offers the opportunity for individuals to talk about their problems confidentially. I can then help you to explore the problem and support you whilst you overcome the stressful situation you are experiencing.

Firstly, you will be offered an initial 60 minute assessment to discuss your issue and to ensure that we can work together to help you move forward. Some may find that the initial assessment is all that is needed to bring a new perspective, help them decide what to do next or that they do indeed wish to continue with further therapy sessions.

Should you wish to continue with therapy then a mutually agreed weekly date and time will be allocated, usually an initial 6 weeks with a review to determine if longer therapy would be beneficial. Ongoing reviews are then undertaken to ensure both you and I agree it would be helpful.

  • What Can You Expect?

    • Confidentiality
    • Relaxed environment in which to talk
    • Opportunity to talk about life changes
    • An Impartial Approach
    • Flexibility of appointments
    • Approachability
  • Flexible

    I realize that everyone is unique and so are their needs. It may be that you do not wish to attend the clinic or you simply can't. In those instances, I am able to offer a home visit service where we can talk in the comfort of your own environment.
  • Counselling in Harrogate is full registered with a number of professional Counselling and Psychotherapy bodies.