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3 Steps to a Cooler, Calmer You.

3 August 2016

Many of us struggle to deal with anger and it’s not uncommon to over react when something riles you or indeed to under react for fear of causing friction.  Anger is one of the emotions that causes the most physical of responses, whether its an increased heart rate,a flash of rage, tension in the jaw or other parts of the body.  Anger also often leads to individuals lashing out verbally, perhaps with feelings of regret afterwards for the words that have been said.

Despite the strong physical effects of anger, it remains one of the most poorly handled emotions with individuals prone to bury it or to lash out. Dealing with anger well can improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Anger is a natural emotion that we feel and the way we release that emotion shows how we cope with it.  When we get angry it stimulates our body’s adrenaline responses as a way of helping us cope with certain situations. This is called the fight or flight response.   When we get angry the ‘fight’ response comes into play.

If you struggle to deal with your anger then try these 3 steps to help:


Take time to acknowledge and recognise what it is that is making you angry and notice the times when you are angry.  There may be some simple warning signs for example; a quickening heart rate, perspiration, shortness of breath, tension in the ads or jaw.

2. (AMBER).

Allow yourself time out to think. This will create a balance which will help you to react appropriately.  Consider whether removing yourself from the situation is possible to allow yourself to take deep breaths and lower your heart rate.  You are then in a bette position to return and be calmer.

3. (GREEN).

Try a different way of communicating the issue. (Due to the way some release their anger, many people believe anger to be a behaviour; IT IS NOT.  Anger is an emotion and the way people behave is their reaction to that emotion.  Being aggressive is an example of a strong over reaction to a situation).

Learning to listen to the other persons response and trying to understand their point of view can be a way of coping with this emotion and being able to process it in a balanced way  can help reduce the tension.











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